Apple Pencil Guide

Apple finally issued a related announcement that Apple's latest features Pogo stylus is priced at $ 99.

Just like stylus Samsung Galaxy, Apple Pencil also serves on the screen sensitivity system to let users easily create on the Apple gadgets. Unfortunately, the stylus is still available for the iPad Pro with 12.9-inch screen.

Pencil Apple itself will be sold separately. Accessories Apple released their latest gadgets to support not only Apple Pencil.

Although only released recently, the iPad Pro's performance has received acclaim from many quarters. As a high-end tablet that carries the stylus accessories, iPad Pro 2 has a major opponent Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

To compare the performance of both the tablet stylus, GforGames site presents a video showing the comparison between Apple's iPad Pencil Pro with the stylus on the Microsoft Surface 4.

He using the Notes application on iPad Pro, while the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 using One Note application. As a result, Apple Pencil shown to be superior in speed detection.

Even when using a 120 fps slow motion mode, Apple Pencil much faster than the competitors. Even so, the reviewer reveals that stylus detection rate is also affected by the application used.

Apple Pencil Guide

For you guys who want to get the tutorial of this accessories, you can visit apple pencil guide.