Samsung Galaxy Manual And Guide

Samsung Galaxy S 8

Samsung Galaxy S 8, the latest news. According to the latest rumors on new Samsung Galaxy S8 will record features. That would be the new top of the range model from Samsung, the device that reached the score of 203,737 in benchmark tests of AnTuTu. Galaxy S8 is expected to be unveiled in February at the MWC Barcelona 2017, even though, according to some analysts, could be presented before Christmas, remedy the mess of Notes 7 and beat the competition.

The sources are unnamed and of Chinese origin, and the information is, for now, the only leaked on the future device. The first is actually an easier way to understand: in a world where almost all major manufacturers have experienced or are experiencing with double cameras it would be unwise to be unprepared. Even find a reason to display 4 k but it is so complicated if we bear in mind the role of pioneer that Samsung takes place in the context of virtual reality.

When used for this purpose, the display cuts the resolution (should show a different image for each of the two eyes) and show pixels enlarged and distorted by the lenses built into their Viewer: Samsung to be attenuated these faults with a Panel by resolution overwhelming. The problem at this point would be the battery required to keep everything running for more than half a day, but to know the specs will possibly wait until the next leak.

Begin to thicken the voices on the deployment of the Samsung Galaxy S 8, fueled by recent news reports that pass by cases of the explosion of Samsung S7 with a suspension of sales and production of the phablet, and the recent acquisition of life by the Korean multinational. It is a platform based on artificial intelligence developed by the creators of Siri, Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham.

And just the iPhone 7 is in the crosshairs of Samsung with the aim of keeping alive the competitiveness. And to challenge Apple is ready to play the card of new virtual assistant on Board of the Samsung Galaxy S 8, going even beyond the Google Assistant with which they were equipped the new smartphones Pixels and Pixels Xl signed HTC.

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung for 2017 has prepared a quintet of flagships: Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy 8, 8 7 Notes Edge, Edge and a fifth folding smartphone, Samsung Galaxy x. the latter is part of an internal project called Project Valley.

At the CES 2013, Samsung had submitted its folding technology and the OLED Youm and now the Korean company is ready to show off his project. According to rumors, the Galaxy X, which should have the model number SM-G929F, will be equipped with a 5-inch screen, but once opened, cannot be used as a tablet with 7 inches.

To face the rival iPhone and reverse the slowing smartphone market Samsung seems to be planning for the 2017 launch no less than 5 top terminals, including the mysterious Galaxy X. For years, the South Korean giant has always marketed top 2 per year, increased with the arrival of Edge solo versions lately, in no case, however, Samsung launched top 5 smartphones.